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Does an Iowa School Property Tax Rate = School Property Taxes? No.

In Iowa, school property taxes do not equal the school tax rate, the latter of which is just one input in calculating school property taxes. Equating a comparably low school tax rate to low school property taxes is an interesting … Continue reading

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The Proper Role of An Iowa School Board President

The contract between the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) and Stephen Murley, its Superintendent, has been in the news lately. Specifically, the contract (see here  at sections 13c and 15 has come into question because it allows superintendent Murley to … Continue reading

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Qualifying for Gifted and Talented Services (TAG) in Iowa

Do you have a child who has a terrific talent in one area but perhaps not in all areas? If your child attends an accredited Iowa public school, Iowa law mandates that schools consider multiple selection criteria to determine who … Continue reading

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