School Bonds & the Cost of a Cup of Coffee

In what must be a truly amazing coincidence (or merely a good marketing scheme), a number of school bonds are marketed as only the cost of a cup of coffee. One might almost think there is a school bond playbook for school districts. In fact, see the article entitled “Passing a school bond in the era of social media.”

When a county commissioner opposed the bond due to potential tax implications, we fought back with facts. We broke down the potential tax impact in terms anyone could relate to with this simple message: “For less than a cup of coffee per month, the bond will address growth, safety and infrastructure needs.” [Emphasis added.]

The Round Rock School District saw its 2017 $572 million school bond package” fail.

…people on the online blog were angry about a mailer comparing the cost of the bonds to buying a cup of coffee. [Emphasis added.]

Aaron Cleaver, the Democratic chairman of Travis County Precinct 328, …said the “consensus of the people I talked to felt the bond issue was too vague and the projects were not developed well enough.”

And from Portland, Maine where bond supporters pushed the city council to endorse a bond….

A $64 million bond authorization with borrowing and repayment over 26 years would result in a total of $92 million in principal and interest. Strimling and supporters said that amounts to an average cost of $8.67 per month for a property valued at $240,000, or about the cost of a weekly cup of coffee. [Emphasis added.]

The problem is what is not said. The devil is always in the details and repetitions of “about the cost of a cup of coffee” are meaningless. Now if you start dividing the real cost of a school bond by the price of a gallon of milk on sale at Walmart or an Iowa football ticket or a drug copayment, that might mean something.


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