Does an Iowa School Property Tax Rate = School Property Taxes? No.

In Iowa, school property taxes do not equal the school tax rate, the latter of which is just one input in calculating school property taxes. Equating a comparably low school tax rate to low school property taxes is an interesting debate tactic when marketing an upcoming school bond vote but is not accurate. School property tax inputs include:

  1. Assessed Value of Home
  2. Iowa’s Residential Rollback
  3. Credit(s)
  4. School Tax Rate aka School Levy (which has multiple parts)

For a general idea of how school property taxes might shake out by city in Iowa, see below. The information with an asterisk came from the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD). The assessed valuation of comparable homes in various cities does not seem to be easily available so the “median price of a home” from Zillow was used.

For the most accurate information about the total dollar amount of school property taxes you pay, check your own tax records. Or if you are a renter and curious about what your landlord pays, Iowa property tax information is publicly available.

ICCSD Compared to Nine Other Iowa Districts with Larger Enrollments

ICCSD’s property tax rate is the lowest among the ten school districts listed above; however, ICCSD’s “Fiscal Year 2017 Assesssed Valuation Per Pupil” is the highest among the ten districts listed above.  The assessed valuation of your home will have a significant impact on the dollar amount of property taxes you owe and must pay.

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