School Property Taxes: What Do We Really Pay?

School Taxes, such as those levied by the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD), are a big percentage of property taxes. So what percent of one’s total property taxes are paid to ICCSD?  The ICCSD board president has stated that ICCSD taxes represent 36% of total property taxes–is this number accurate? The answer is no, not for all ICCSD residents.  For example, about 42.07% of property taxes North Liberty home owners pay are ICCSD taxes. For other taxpayers, the figure is as high as 55%.  And if the proposed ICCSD general obligation bond is passed this September, the debt levy portion of school taxes will further increase substantially.

The chart below shows the accurate total tax rate (total levy) in dollars per thousand dollars of assessed property valuation of areas within ICCSD and applies to taxes payable in 2016 to 2017.

It is also necessary to determine what a particular property is valued at by the assessor in order to calculate the true dollar amount of property taxes  The assessed property values in the ICCSD are some of the highest in the state of Iowa.

You can get the current assessed value of your property from the county and city assessors, which are available here for Johnson County and here for Iowa City.  Also, see here for specific Johnson County, Iowa, property tax information, enter your address information, then click on “Property Taxes” at the bottom of the web page and then click on “Explanation of Tax Format” if you are interested in viewing the school tax dollars from the previous year and comparing these dollars to the current year.

School Taxes Current



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