ICCSD’s Equity Director’s Departure Presents Opportunity to Rightsize Administration

The Press-Citizen reported this morning that Ross Wilburn, Iowa City Community School District’s (ICCSD’s) Equity Director, is vacating the position.* Data from the Press-Citizen’s website showed that Mr. Wilburn earned $107,882 in 2013.** Add on another 28% for estimated benefits, and this position cost the district around $138,0088. To put this amount into perspective, this is more money than the recent budget cut to world languages or guidance services or high school library services.

Given that ICCSD budget cuts (euphemistically called “adjustments” by the administration) have eliminated 7th grade foreign languages and German, 7th grade football, 4th grade orchestra, some discretionary bussing, etc., now is the time for the superintendent to restructure the administration with the end goal of meeting district needs and saving money. ICCSD’s percentage increase in administration expenses in recent years is not sustainable. Across the country, employers now have employees doing more with less. The ICCSD superintendent needs to do more also.

Quoting from the ICCSD’s District Budget Adjustment Summary, “[a] key component of the [budget] process was the use of attrition, created through retirements and resignations, to ensure that current staff would have a position…” See pg 2 at http://www.iowacityschools.org/files/_zJIrA_/4447fab38ef5f86c3745a49013852ec
4/District_Budget_Adjustment_Summary.pdf. Therefore, the board should now task the superintendent with evaluating all essential job duties of the administration and order him to reorganize the administration to result in at least one less $100,000 plus position overall.  After all, our local school buildings and the district’s children need the money now.



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