ICCSD Superintendent Contract Update

The ICCSD board broke with its tradition of discussing the superintendent’s contract prior to approval and approved Superintendent Murley’s contract at its June 24, 2014, meeting. Board members Kirschling, Lynch, Swesey, and Hoelscher voted in favor of its approval; and Dorau and Fields voted against approval.

Approval means, among other things, that Superintendent Murley could be paid for up to ten days (“discretionary leave”) that he is working elsewhere, including for his own consulting firm, SFM Consulting, LLC. Discretionary leave is on top of his 30 days paid vacation, 9 paid holidays, and 2 paid days off during spring break.

Mr. Murley’s contract states:

“Discretionary Leave. The Superintendent shall be entitled to up to ten (10) paid personal leave days for personal business, consulting, professional activities, community events or other activities that will contribute to the betterment of the District each year with such Discretionary Leave to be mutually agreed upon by the Superintendent and the Board President. Discretionary leave is not to be used for vacation purposes.” 


“…The Superintendent shall not engage in other employment, consultant service, or other activity for which a salary, fee or honorarium is paid without the prior approval of the Board President.”

Prior to the majority of the board approving the contract, Board member Fields reminded other board members that it was the board’s fiduciary responsibility to discuss the contract prior to its approval. During the comment time, community member Phil Hemmingway also noted concerns about the contract. Both spoke to no avail.  One might think that the board would have a discussion prior to approval about why the district would agree to pay its superintendent while he is working elsewhere.

Link to June 24, 2014 meeting minutes, including a link to the Superintendent’s contract. http://www.iowacityschools.org/files/_2KEPt_/ca663a108f0fa9153745a49013852ec4/June_24_2014.pdf

Lynch made the successful motion, seconded by Kirschling to approve the superintendent’s contract.
Kirschling, Lynch, Swesey, and Hoelscher voted in favor of approving the superintendent’s contract.
Fields and Dorau voted against approving the superintendent’s contract.

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