The Status Quo regarding the Superintendent’s Contract Does Not Suffice

The terms of the superintendent’s proposed three year contract are set forth below.  What originated as a “form” contract is no more. I appreciate the board freezing Mr. Murley’s salary; however, now is the time to take a critical view of the rest of his contract.

  Proposed # of Days 2014-15
Vacation 30 days–Can carry forward 20 days each year without agreement of board or more with agreement of board.–Superintendent can also opt to be paid for unused accrued vacation days as of June 30.
Paid Holidays 9 days
Spring break 2 days
Discretionary Leave 10 days–“paid personal leave days for personal business, consulting, professional activities, community events or other activities that will contribute to the betterment of the District….”–“not to be used for vacation purposes.”
Sick Days 15 days-can accumulate up to 150 and has 57 accrued
Professional Development Days Days not specified; however, must be mutually agreed upon and is in addition to any other time off.

My Comment:

The superintendent’s position is a professional position, and the status quo does not suffice—ICCSD needs a full time superintendent.  Thirty vacation days plus 2 days off at spring break is in excess of six weeks off, which is more vacation than many, if not most, professionals receive. Also, the district should not grant discretionary leave on top of that, and agreeing to pay a pay a superintendent for time away from the district for outside consulting work is irresponsible.

Compensation 2014
Salary $200,000 for the first year
Deferred Compensation $26,000
Vehicle Allowance $7,150
Technology Allowance (personal cell phone & internet hot spot) Same as other “cabinet” administrators
“Adjustment” for getting doctoral degree $6,000
IPERS (public retirement) Yes
Expenses Reasonable –- e.g. “mileage for travel outside the District pursuant to Board policy when an itemized statement of the same is submitted; dues for professional  organizations; subscriptions to periodicals and professional publications; and dues for civic organizations as authorized and approved by the Board.”
Professional development Up to $6,000 reimbursement–“expenses include, but are not limited to, registration, travel, mileage, lodging, and meals.”
Health and Dental Insurance ICCSD pays for full family coverage
Disability District pays for coverage that covers up to 70% of income.  Premiums taxable income.
Term Life District pays for 3x base salary.  Premiums taxable income.

My Comment:

I’ve heard complaints about paying for full family coverage.  This should be reconsidered and cannot be good for other employees’ morale.

 Some other interesting provisions from proposed current contract include:


The Board, individually and collectively, shall promptly refer in writing all substantive criticisms, complaints and suggestions, regardless of the source, called to the Board’s attention to the Superintendent for study and appropriate action or recommendation. The Superintendent shall promptly investigate such matters and shall periodically inform the Board of the results or status of such matters.

My comment:  If any of the complaints concern the superintendent, the board should have those complaints investigated independently rather than by the superintendent himself.  Otherwise, the complainants have no effective mechanism to seek relief. Further, mandating the referral of all “criticisms, complaints, and suggestions” to the superintendent likely has the effect of chilling information the Board should hear.


While the Superintendent shall devote his full time and due diligence to the affairs and the activities of the District, the Superintendent may serve as a consultant, lecture, engage in writing and speaking activities, or engage in other activities if such activities do not impede the Superintendent’s ability to perform the duties of the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall not engage in other employment, consultant service, or other activity for which a salary, fee or honorarium is paid without the prior approval of the Board President.”

 My comment:  The Superintendent should agree not to engage in paid work elsewhere while serving as the ICCSD superintendent.  ICCSD needs the attention of a full time superintendent. And for the district to agree to pay the superintendent for up to 10 days of “work” when this “work” potentially includes consulting for and getting paid by other organizations is a slap in the face to local taxpayers.

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