Superintendent Salary Freeze as a Show of Leadership?

How about Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) Superintendent Stephen Murley requesting a salary freeze for himself in light of the current pressure on the general fund budget? There is local precedent for such an action. On June 11, 2009, the Press-Citizen reported that [former] ICCSD Superintendent Lane Plugge “requested a salary freeze for all school administrators, including himself.” Superintendent Murley should take a leaf out of former Superintendent Plugge’s playbook and do the same. Plugge’s request for a salary freeze followed an unusual transfer of $4,987,646 from ICCSD’s general fund to its capital improvements fund in fiscal year 2007-2008 and subsequent budget cuts along with a decision to close Roosevelt Elementary.

I would not freeze the salaries of principals and their assistants. As one of my high school children said, his principal should get a raise because he works so much (and it is true—I see my children’s junior high and high school principals at every school related event, including events taking place after the school day has ended).

From a big picture standpoint, a district superintendent voluntarily freezing his salary would not make a huge impact on the budget; however, it would be a show of leadership. If Murley does not voluntarily request that his current salary be frozen, the school board should demand it.

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One Response to Superintendent Salary Freeze as a Show of Leadership?

  1. How long would I have to point this out for him and the board, as I have already, for Murley to have volunteered to do this. Well, apparently till hell freezes over but at least Tuyet got us there…Jeff just votes wherever he sees the majority going most of the time (the “man” who appears to have felt he’d rather lie to another attorney, court, and judge than accept a perceived “lose”.)…so, while I’m glad he voted for the second, reduced version, that’s really just mediocre performance as usual for him. Marla appeared to cave under fear, peer-pressure, guilt, or because, as usual she doesn’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on around her. Chris….hmmm, who helped elect him, in my opinion, why Murley of course via crucial committee appointments etc after Chris took the lead on the Murley citizen’s brigade to sell his RPS. Oh yeah, the RPS that people voted for after Murley made all those presentations telling us we could afford to staff these new buildings but neither he or Lynch told us they would cost our children their teachers, classes, important social supports like 7th grade football, music, and German. I’ll have to finish this later…it’s too beautiful of a day to waste trying to take out the same trash piling up in our boardroom and administration leadership for the last few years now.


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